Ideal roommates

Happy to live with anyone


Wanted shared accommodation as this is what my budget can afford for the next several months.

A centralized location (Areas around DT. Central NW/NE other side the Bow river. Hillhurst etc.)

Near transit and shopping.

In a house or duplex...a low level building. Scared of heights. Anything above two floors is a no go.

Around $350-$500. Util included.


A quiet house. No loud blaring music at all hours. I appreciate music too but not blasted.

Furnished. Because I only have my clothes and files with art & knitting supplies.

I'm up for pet friendly. I don't have a pet through and not sure if I'd want a pet for my Self. Though it's been a dream to have pets around.

I have a van but need to sell it.

About me. A quiet, intellectual dreamer. An really quiet. Unless a topic of interest is mentioned then i can talk a bit. Spiritual and nature loving. A bit reserved bit will open up over time. A realist. Sunday church attendee....Thoughtful, sensitive and compassionate. A large cooking and healthcare background...but I'm not in those fields. Passionate photographer.

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Posted on 11 October 2018